SMART Teach-In Calculator

Teach-In Code Calculator for SMART vehicles

In case you see “X” symbol on your dashboard and starter is not operative, you will need to do key sync/re-sync procedure.

Do the following:

1. Connect STAR diagnosis to the car, launch DAS, and establish diagnostic session. Path: DAS> Category Selection> Smart> Vehicle identification by control unit> Systems> SAM or Central electronics (depends of M.Y.)> Control unit adaptations> Immobilizer> Teach-in key again>
2. Enter in request field “Request for a code number” (code generated from DAS) then press Get Code
3. Gained access code write to the DAS lower window

When the code is accepted:

1. Press F3 in DAS and wait for a dialog window
2. Switch ignition off
3. Press button on EVERY key (or CLOSE if key has more than one button) TWICE during 30 sec.
4. Switch ignition on
5. Close DAS window


You need to make sync of all keys you have, otherwise you cannot start your car with non-synchronized keys!